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About Us

Advanced Metrology LLC (ADVMET) has been established to provide its customers with advanced technical solutions pertaining to calibration of tools and instruments, temperature mapping and validation studies, and any other measurement solutions. ADVMET has been established with modern facilities and very strong technical knowledge that would provide our customers with reliable and guaranteed results.

ADVMET is committed to quality and its customer satisfaction is a primary goal, accordingly ADVMET is implementing international standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 and follow recommended practices of WHO and Saudi FDA .

ADVMET has been accredited from SAC (Saudi Accreditation Committee) and PJLA – USA for ISO 17025, both of these organizations are ILAC MRA recognized. Please click here to see our accreditation scope.

QUALITY POLICY: To provide Measurement and calibration Solution (including services and equipments) to customers in Kingdom of Saud Arabia with highest level of professionalism and accuracy which is
required to maintain our customer’s quality products.

Our Mission: ADV-MET provides quality measuring tools and equipments and provide professional calibration services in compliance with international standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 17025. Furthermore,
ADV-MET provides Temperature Mapping studies and validation and Qualification studies in accordance to WHO and Saudi FDA requirements and recommendations.

Our Vision: ADV-MET is looking to become one of best calibration and Temperature Mapping solutions provider in the Arabian Gulf region and will cover all its customer needs.